Ginkgolon is a high-quality, safe and secure ginkgo biloba extract, which was first developed in Japan by Tokiwa phytochemicals Co., Ltd.

Features of Ginkgolon

About ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba, the only living species in the Ginkgophyta division, is a gymnosperm with fan-shaped leaves. Ginkgo is an extremely tough, long-lived tree that dates back about 250 million years; it is thus sometimes called a “living fossil.” It is said that ginkgo biloba was the first tree that sprouted in Hiroshima after the atomic bombing disaster.
The leaves had been seldom used in Japan, but clinical research has been developed in Europe where various effects of the leaves were found and used.We are the first company to produce ginkgo biloba extract and since then have been introducing the extract.

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It complies with the labeling system on food functions and nutrients
        About the labeling system on food functions and nutrients

About the labeling system on food functions and nutrients

As a part of the whole nation’s initiative for disease prevention and health care aiming at realizing a society that “extends the healthy life expectancy of the Japanese people”, “the labeling system on food functions and nutrients” was established from April 2015. This system allows manufacturers to show consumers, in an easy-to-understand way, about the health functions of food.
To be authorized as a functional food that conforms to the labeling system on food functions and nutrients food, it is required to submit to the Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) a “scientific base worth to describe function of the foods on its label”. This means any company that wants to apply to the system, needs to review literature on the functionality of necessary ingredients as well as verify that its product contains an effective dose of the identified ingredients.

Tokiwa phytochemical Co., Ltd. offers materials corresponding to the labeling system on food functions and nutrients: VENETRON®(Sleep quality improvement), BILBERON®(Dry eyes, focus accommodative function, eye fatigue), SIRTMAX®(Anti-hyperglycemia, anti-aging), GINKGOLON(Cognitive function improvement).

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Specification of Components

Ginkgo biloba contains an abundance of flavone glycosides and terpene lactones.
Ginkgolon is standardized with flavone glycosides (Kaempferol, Quercetin, Isorhamnetin)

and terpene lactones (Bilobalide, Ginkgolide).

Also, Ginkgolic acid, a rash-causing ingredient, is removed so the product contains less than 1ppm of ginkgolic acid.

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See more details about the raw materials

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Patent and Authentication

Ginkgolon acquired a patent and obtained the certificate of JIHFS GMP for Health Foods.

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Tokiwa’s Ginkgolon


Standardized with total flavone glycosides and total terpene lactones, less than 1ppm ginkgolic acid.

Recommended dosage

120 mg - 240 mg


Tests on humans Memory retention improvement, Cold-sensitive constitution improvement, Depressive symptom reduction
Animal tests Brain metabolism improvement


Acute toxicity (Mouse, bisexual) : > LD50 2000mg/kg
COMMISSION E:Standardized goods of the extract have been listed as approved herb.


Stable for three years in normal temperatures.

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Researches on Ginkgolon

  • Research results
  • Medical Herb Dictionary (available in Japanese only)

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